Aaron Koblin: Lecture at See Conference (2009)

Michael Wesch: Lecture: An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

Eddie Opara: Insights Design Lecture Series, Eddie Opara (2010)

Ije Nwokorie: Brand-led Innovation Lecture (2010)

Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters: GDFB Lecture, 2010

Nicholas Felton: Numerical Narratives Lecture, See Conference 2009

LUST: GDFB Lecture, 2010

Silas Munro: The Designerless Office, AIGA Educators, Social Studies Conference, 2008




“Fifteen Random Things I’ve Learned about Design for Participation This Year” by Nina Simon (Her blog Museum 2.0 is a wonderful exploration of participation in a museum setting)

“Generation C”, Trendingwatching.com

“In the Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms are the New Bits” by Chris Anderson

“Crowdsourcing Turns Business on Its Head” by Wendy Kaufman, NPR

“Just Add Water” by Robert Newman, SPD (Roger Black‚Äôs new publication template venture.)

“Are You Experienced? How designers are adopting the strategies of conceptual art,” by Ronald Jones, Frieze, 2009 (article on Kram/Weisshaar)

Conditional Design Manifesto, by Luna Maurer, Edo Paulus, Jonathan Puckey, Roel Wouters

“The Web is Dead. Long Live the Internet,” by Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff, Wired Mag, Aug 17, 2010

“The Spirit of Co-creation” a white paper by Sense Worldwide, Sept 2009

“New Models for Design Efficiency: Introducing Otto,” by Jessica Helfand, Design Observer, 2005

Karsten Schmidt Manifesto

Karsten Schmidt interview by John L. Walters, Eye Magazine, 79












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