Mass Customized Journals

Download Project Brief: masscusJournals_ProjectThree


1. Select nineteen poems and create a literary journal containing the resulting compilation.

2. Use no more than two typefaces and two colors. All spreads should follow an assigned grid. Include
a title and a concept for future issues of the journal.

3. Upload your design to Lulu to set it up for mass production.

3. Find a strategy to make each copy of the journal unique. Keep in mind that your concept must make each issue unique, but be efficient enough that it could conceivably be done with hundreds of publications.

4. Once you get your journal back from Lulu, customize it and share it with an audience.

Contributed by Helen Armstrong, Miami University

See p. 148-149 of Participate for sample student work.



Whaley: Poetry Journal Vicinity
Mass customization:
a white, angular dust jacket follows the angular, broken theme of the rest of the journal. In each iteration of the book, the dust jacket is cut at a different angle.


Drumm: Poetry Journal Sector
Mass customization:
a unique pattern stamped on the title page appears in each iteration of the journal. The die cut on the cover exposed the unique quality of each issue.


Killinger: Poetry Journal Habitual
Mass customization:
a hand-torn belly-band appears on each journal iteration.


Huang: Poetry Journal Not There
Mass customization: A different feather, inserted by hand,  appears in each journal.


Cooper: Poetry Journal Parameters
Mass Customization:
Subtle cuts on specific images within the book  invite the reader to touch each image. In each iteration of the book, the cuts slice into different images.

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