Download project brief: Crowdspeak1


1. Pick a word for your topic and make templates in Adobe Illustrator, establishing the size and placement of each letter. Set up web space, such as a Google Docs account, for file storage.

2. Divide your group into teams: one team for each letter of the word. Provide the participants with templates and contact lists.

3. Start an Illustrator file chain. Add a small amount of vector graphics to your template, leaving room for all of the members of your team to contribute. Post a JPG of your file to Google Docs and email the AI file to the next person on your contact list. In turn, you will receive an AI file from the person preceding you on the contact list. Consider its content and add an increment of vector graphics.

4. Each time you make a contribution, post a JPG of your file to Google Docs before emailing the AI file
to the next person. This enables all participants to preview the final piece.

5. Use only vector graphics and no color. Contribute only small portions and respond thoughtfully to what your peer before you has done. Once all letters are completed, choose a team of editors to collect all JPG files into one large animated sequence using After Effects.

Contributed by Helen Armstrong, Miami University

See p. 42 of Participate for sample student work.



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