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hester_tab-wall-final (1)

Cassie Hester: Tab Installation

“How are we encouraged to interact? A tab instructs us to fold or tear. A wall of lasercut tabs begs to be manipulated. I installed this piece on the third floor of Pollack on March 8th, around 5 PM. I did not pre-fold/-tear any of the tabs, nor did I leave any instructions with the […]

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hester_kill_me_now_slide (1)

Cassie Hester: Alphabet Slide

“The affordances of pushing and pulling was explored in an interface targeted directly at the creation of language. Each long strip of the alphabet could be pulled to either the left or the right to highlight one letterform in the simple frame. The interaction is quick and easy, so the interface garnered a lot of […]

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Sagmeister: Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far

“Keeping a Diary Supports Personal Development” by Stefan See video here: http://thingsihavelearnedinmylife.com/sentence/motion-graphics/keeping-diary-supports-personal-development Sagmeister opened up his own lauded self-exploratory project to “the masses” by setting up a website where anyone can upload their own typogaphically-driven personal truisms. thingsihavelearnedinmylife.com (image from thingsihavelearnedinmylife.com. All right reserved. Stefan Sagmeister © 2011)

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Troika: All the Time in the World

Client: A British Airways Commission for Terminal 5 | Product: Walkway Installation Medium:electroluminescent displays| March, 2008| Designers: Troika photo © Alex Delfanne/Artwise Curators 2010 Troika created a 22m long electroluminescent wall that marks the entrance to the First and Concorde Galleries lounges. At the heart of this installation lies a custom-made modular text display system. […]

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