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Base Art Co: Gaslight Anthem poster

Participatory Poster | Studio: Base Art Co “Base Art Co created a gig poster  for the Gaslight Anthem. Its a “connect the dots.” The general idea is the conflict between “defacing” a limited edition silkscreened poster vs. finishing our design.” -Terry http://www.baseartco.com/ (content from Base Art Co. All right reserved, Base Art Co © 2011)

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Jeff Johnson: The Poster Offensive

We created the Poster Offensive Show in 2004. It was, and is, an ongoing collaborative poster show for Peace and Democracy. You can see more about this show we created at http://www.posteroffensive.com/ Nearly 100 Poster Offenders have contributed to the show at this point and more to come.” (Content provided by Jeff Johnson. All rights […]

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