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Joe Galbreath: Paper Robot Army

Fully non-functioning and incapable of any minor computations, the Paper Robot Army enlists throngs of customizable paper toys. Each robot pops free from several die cut sheets of paper. The clean lines and geometric construction of the final form allows users to explore the full spectrum of adornment. Whether you just add a few eyes, […]

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Alfalfa Studios: Design Journeys Mural

Client: AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Product: Gallery Interactive Mural | Size: 36 foot x 10 foot | Studio: alfalfa studio “The 36 x 10 foot Design Journeys Mural was designed exclusively for the show titled You Are Here, a participatory exhibition shinning light on the careers of 25 designers from a variety of […]

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hester_tab-wall-final (1)

Cassie Hester: Tab Installation

“How are we encouraged to interact? A tab instructs us to fold or tear. A wall of lasercut tabs begs to be manipulated. I installed this piece on the third floor of Pollack on March 8th, around 5 PM. I did not pre-fold/-tear any of the tabs, nor did I leave any instructions with the […]

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hester_kill_me_now_slide (1)

Cassie Hester: Alphabet Slide

“The affordances of pushing and pulling was explored in an interface targeted directly at the creation of language. Each long strip of the alphabet could be pulled to either the left or the right to highlight one letterform in the simple frame. The interaction is quick and easy, so the interface garnered a lot of […]

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Mark Burrier: Rarewords.org

“Love First, Ask Questions Later” words by Mary Elizabeth Peterson “It began as a project to inspire collaboration with between the artist and the viewer. Readers are an integral part of the creative process by providing the spark for each work. They initiate the collaboration by submitting a word or phrase that becomes the creative starting […]

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Creature: Bonnaroo Jansport Backpack

Attendees at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in June 2009 that visited the JanSport booth were able to express their inner-creative and help create a limited edition run of ‘Bonnaroo’ JanSport backpacks.  Fourteen 5’ x 15’ white canvases were displayed over the duration of the festival. Backpacks were sold and all proceeds donated to […]

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Enormous Champion Notecards

These letterpress notecards require the sender to personalize the message for the recipient. “Animal Parade” features a word bubble uniting a group of land animals for a message in concert. “A Mix Tape” uses the image of the cassette format and repurposes the idea of making someone a mix tape to bring back written correspondence. —Jason […]

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Phillip Zelnar: Notologist

“Notologist is an experiment in which we leave notes around in random places and see who writes us back. What’s the point? We hope to inspire fun and creativity. The notes usually pose a question or try to evoke some sort of response so that people who find them feel compelled to go to the […]

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Experimental Jetset: Stedlijk Museum signage system

Experimental Jetset: Stedlijk Museum signage system

Photos (c) 2004 by Gert-Jan van Rooij. “To underline the temporary, interim character of the location, we decided to compose the sign system entirely of so-called ‘document holders’: hard plastic, transparent A4 cases. This proved to be a very easy and practical system. We would print out the A4s ourselves, and just fill the holders […]

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Project M: Signage

“Inexpensively constructed and complimentary to the aesthetic of Greensboro, the Project M Lab signage is made of treated plywood, bolts, washers, and wing-nuts. The sign is easily customizable. The washers and wing-nuts can be arranged on the grid of bolts to articulate whatever the M’ers/inhabitants desire.” —designed by Cassie Hester, cassiehester.wordpress.com http://www.projectmlab.com/ (all content supplied […]

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