Michael Thompson: TerraEncognito

“Terra EnCognito is a realtime data visualization of online discussions as they unfold on the social news site digg.com . The project’s primary goal is to enable quick, accurate, comparative, and qualitative assessments of individual story discussions across the entire site. By exploiting our instinctual response to organic form, movement, and behavior, I increased the […]

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Cassie Hester: Bead Interface

“The affordances of pushing and pulling were explored in the creation of a one foot by five feet installation featuring beads strung on neon thread on a lateral grid. I relied on the tactile nature of the piece to encourage interaction. It was a success. The inhabitants of Pollack quickly began forming simple messages and […]

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Andres Zapata: Recession Nation

” The Recession Nation Project is a book of photos, short essays and poems about the recession. Recession or no recession, the current economic situation is stirring up dust all around us. This project is meant to capture and share a multi-perspective, mixed media, insightful, shared and visual response to this dust and its consequences. […]

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Rick Valicenti: TCAF Identity

Rick Valicenti, Identity for Third Coast Audio Festival Sound is connected to code and visualized in this flexible identity for an audio festival. http://www.rickvalicenti.com (Project by Rick Valicenti. All rights reserved, Rick Valicenti © 2011)

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Underline: DNDC Identity

Underline: DNDC Identity

“The Danforth Neighbourhood Dental Clinic is a friendly fixture in the Danforth community. Underline partnered with the clinic to create an identity, stationery and the clinic’s signage, plus the seasonal window displays that keep the clinic connected with local events.” Underline Studio (all content provided by Underline Studio. All rights reserved, © Underline Studio 2011)

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Michael Chanover & Tim Belonax: Ebay Toy Project

“Toy TOY toy” “As a social networking site, eBay brings millions of merchants from around the world together, each with a unique perspective on language, and how to describe their wares. These descriptions offer a fascinating glimpse into a collective consciousness that sits outside of marketing and media. Items are named and described as merchants […]

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Phillip Zelnar: Your Favorite Letter

Interactive Website | Designer: Phillip Zelnar One of a series of one-off projects that invite user participation. On this site, users build words together by voting for their favorite letters. http://www.yourfavoriteletter.com/ (Content provided by Phillip Zelnar. All rights reserved, © Zelnar 2011)    

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Jeff Johnson: The Poster Offensive

We created the Poster Offensive Show in 2004. It was, and is, an ongoing collaborative poster show for Peace and Democracy. You can see more about this show we created at http://www.posteroffensive.com/ Nearly 100 Poster Offenders have contributed to the show at this point and more to come.” (Content provided by Jeff Johnson. All rights […]

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Troika: MS Memory Wall

Client: BBC Electric Proms | Product: Interactive installation 2007 | Studio: Troika “We created a giant music wall to which the audience could send their memories of their favourite live concert, both directly via sms or from a webpost on the BBC site. The incoming messages were fed through the BBC sms gateway to a […]

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