Cassie Hester: Tab Installation

“How are we encouraged to interact? A tab instructs us to fold or tear. A wall of lasercut tabs begs to be manipulated.

I installed this piece on the third floor of Pollack on March 8th, around 5 PM. I did not pre-fold/-tear any of the tabs, nor did I leave any instructions with the piece. I thought the initial start of the tab manipulation would be a slow one. I thought many would walk by it and possibly be intrigued, but ultimately feel uncomfortable/confused about the expectations until some brave soul took the plunge and folded and/or tore to begin the process. However, I arrived at Pollack at 9 AM the following day and students were already folding away. Progress was quick and the reception was positive.

On March 12, 2011, the messages of the tab installation include Tyler, Love, the start of Hate, Time, Wow, Fun, a few patterns, and a heart.

I explored the affordances of tearing and folding with the tab installations. Black paper with laser cut tabs laid over neon papers were installed through the simple means of stapling to the bulletin boards in the hallway.

For the rectangular tab installation, I did not leave any instructions or indication of intended interaction. I left its progress up to the intuition of the audience. Not knowing if intuition would be enough, I started the triangular tab installation off by creating the letterform “G” in the first panel.

The rectangular tab interface was being manipulated within six hours of its installation. A few of the tabs were torn but the majority were folded to create images and messages. The triangular tab installation was a bit slower to progress and I believe this was due to the fact that the small triangular tabs were much more difficult to pick up or snag with your fingernail in order to tear and fold. But, despite the difficulty, the triangular tabs were folded to create a great message.”

Cassie Hester,

(Content provided by Cassie Hester. All rights reserved, © Cassie Hester 2011)

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