Cassie Hester: Bead Interface

“The affordances of pushing and pulling were explored in the creation of a one foot by five feet installation featuring beads strung on neon thread on a lateral grid.

I relied on the tactile nature of the piece to encourage interaction. It was a success. The inhabitants of Pollack quickly began forming simple messages and imagery. However, they also, quite unexpectedly, strummed the strands and manipulated the interface to create sounds/music. I had not anticipated this, though I am not displeased.

The construction of this piece was incredibly time consuming and tedious. Already the interface is showing the wear and tear of interaction as well as the ravages of gravity. Materials will have to be further explored for this piece.” —Cassie Hester

Cassie Hester,

(Content provided by Cassie Hester. All rights reserved, © Cassie Hester 2011)

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