Cassie Hester: Alphabet Slide

“The affordances of pushing and pulling was explored in an interface targeted directly at the creation of language. Each long strip of the alphabet could be pulled to either the left or the right to highlight one letterform in the simple frame. The interaction is quick and easy, so the interface garnered a lot of attention. I expected the simple construction and presence of letterforms to quickly convey the intended interaction, but I did not expect the interface to be a sort of status update system. The first message created? “KILL ME NOW” — a pretty apt sentiment for the last days of the semester. The next message? “NEED MORE SLEEP” — just a few more days of sleepless nights to go. And two of the following messages  — “REVIEWS OVER” and “VICTORY” — illustrate the sense of relief and triumph shared by the students.”

Cassie Hester,

(Content provided by Cassie Hester. All rights reserved, © Cassie Hester 2011)

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