Troika: Zoetrope

Digital Zoetrope | Details: visual identity and installation
Dimension: various | Client: onedotzero moving arts festival | 2008

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“Troika was commissioned by onedotzero to create a custom installation and visual identity around the theme of this year’s festival ”Citystates”. Opting to create an installation and identity that integrate into each other, Troika designed a modern digital zoetrope as the cornerstone of the identity. The idea for the zoetrope comes directly from the festivals “adventures in motion” payoff and this year’s theme “Citystates”. Revolving around themes of urban exploration and sensory impressions emerging from the different speeds we traverse our cities at, whether walking, cycling or driving, opening up new visual, tactic and sonic layers to the city.

To illustrate this Troika deconstructs legendary type designer Wim Crouwel´s Gridnik typeface for the zoetrope, showing how disparate elements perceived at different speeds come together to form a whole. Likewise the visual identity uses the deconstructed horizontal, vertical and angled shapes of Gridnik as abstract elements creating a playful and open system that allows for limitless permutations while still conveying a strong and easily recognizable visual base.

“We wanted to create a container that both celebrated the heritage of motion arts as well as its digital present while affording us a very literal medium for the content – the idea of altered states through motion. From there the idea of a hi-tech zoetrope arose.” explains Eva Rucki of Troika.

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