Foresta nascosta (Hidden forest)

a project by  Matteo Balduzzi, Daniele Cologna and Stefano Laffi with the collaboration of LS graphic design.

Foresta Nascosta (“Hidden Forest”) is a collective project aimed to the creation of a public photo family album, that tells the story of a neighborhood at the outskirts of Milan (Italy).

A bunch of young kids (“Stories collectors”) gathered pictures and stories from their own neighborhoods and, as they were putting them together, they displayed all the material in two big containers, that were placed on the public street and functioned as small open museums.

The final goal of the project was to make people rediscover the sense of community and their own social origins in a peripheral and somehow disregarded area of the city. From here, the name of the project, that refers to a forest of family trees.”

(content provided by Paolo Ciampagna and Giada Coppi; project by Matteo Balduzzi, Daniele Cologna and Stefano Laffi. All rights reserved © 2011)

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